2 thoughts on “Princess of Amathar

  1. Hi Wesley,
    Let me start by saying thank you. I sincerely appreciate your work. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed the Senta books, Eaglethorpe Buxton, Robot Girlfriend & Wife books, and especially The Princess of Amathar. The Princess of Amathar was the book that introduced me to your writing. I would love to read a sequel; perhaps titled The Book of Amath? Possible?

    • Hi,

      Thanks so much for the comment. I am very pleased to hear that you enjoyed my books. Princess of Amathar holds a special place in my heart, because it was the first book I wrote. It took me ten years from start to finish. A bit here and a bit there. When I was finally done, I realized I could write a book. My second book which was actually The Voyage of the Minotaur, The Drache Girl, and The Two Dragons all stuck together as one, took me fourteen months.

      Right now, I’m dedicated to getting the next robot book done. Soon after, will be Senta book 10, the rough draft of which has been done for a while, which I plan to make the final Senta book. (Though there might be a follow-up series.) After that, who knows. I do have an outline and the first three written chapters of a sequel to Princess of Amathar sitting on my hard drive. The working title is Knights of Amathar. Maybe I’ll pull it up and finish it. After all, it’s been ten years since I started it.

      Thanks again.

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