Many possibilities…

Yesterday, I published a poll asking which book I should write next.  I could have made a much longer list of possibilities.  For every book that I have written, I have at least one idea for a sequel.  Some of them I’ve started in the past.  Some not.  I have partially written sequels for Princess of Amathar, Blood Trade, and Tesla’s Stepdaughters.  I have ideas for sequels for Kanana: The Jungle Girl and Women of Power, and Eaglethorpe Buxton.

For King and Country is planned to be the last Senta and the Steel Dragon book, but I have notes and an outline for a follow up series.

Patience Under Fire is planned to be the second to last book in the series, followed by Extreme Patience, but I have ideas for a follow up series.

I have notes and ideas for 35 more Astrid Maxxim books.

The first book of 82 Eridani is half-written.  It is supposed to be a seven book series.

In addition, I have five new books that I’ve partially written, and fifteen more that I have notes or an outline for.

I turn sixty years old a in a few days, so I figure I’ve got at least 22 years to get all this written.  Hopefully I can keep my brain cells working for that long.

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