A New Series Name

When the book For King and Country comes out, I plan to change the series name.  I think sales have been hindered because Senta and the Steel Dragon may come across as a children’s title.  I plan to retitle it The Sorceress and the Dragon.  Then, next year, as I do new editions of the earlier books, I’ll update them to the same series title.

6 thoughts on “A New Series Name

  1. Yes, that should definitely be the case. You didn’t say where you purchased them. Some retailers are easier to get new versions from than others, but they are all supposed to update them. If you have a problem, let me know.

  2. Wes, I purchased from Smashwords. They used to allow you to download any previous versions of any book. That’s why I have ten versions of “Princess Of Amathar” and ten versions of “Tesla’s Stepdaughters”. They seem to have changed that and you can only download the latest version now.

  3. LOL!
    I didn’t know that they had changed their policy. For that matter, I didn’t remember that you could download older versions, but now that you say so, I do remember. At least you can get the newest. I’ll post when I make any updates or changes. 🙂

  4. Wes, I discovered you can still see download the older versions in Smashwords. You just have to massage the download URL. For example, the “epub” download button for “The Voyage Of The Minotaur” points to this URL:


    If you remove everything from “latest” to the end of the URL, you are left with:


    Paste that shortened URL into your browser and you get all the previous epub versions of “The Voyage Of The Minotaur”, ready for download.

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