Motivations: The Young Sorceress

The Young SorceressWhen I had finished the manuscript that became The Voyage of the Minotaur, The Drache Girl, and The Two Dragons, and decided to make it a series, I had to write two new books to fill the spaces in between.  The Dark and Forbidding Land was the first of those, and I think it is a very good addition to the series.  The Young Sorceress would be the second, fitting between The Drache Girl and The Two Dragons.

I had a story that I thought would work well and would be different than anything else in the series.  In the previous four books, I had followed a different character each chapter, with a few rare instances when I jump from one character to another in the same chapter.  In Brechalon though, I had jumped from character to character many times each chapter.  I decided to follow this format.  I think it works well for the story.

I haven’t gotten a lot of feedback on this particular book, so I don’t know what readers think about it as opposed to the other books.  I just read the first review I’ve ever seen for it, and it was pretty positive.  I remember that when I finished the book, I wasn’t really thrilled with it.  Reading it later though, I decided that I liked this one.  That happens to me a lot.

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