What a month!

Wow!  Okay, it’s been an eventful month.  First, I was in the hospital for the unclogging of one of my coronary arteries.  It’s crazy that heart surgery is so routine that it’s an out-patient procedure.  I take a week off to recover, and by the time the week was done, the world had fallen apart.  Since then, I’ve been teaching online, learning online, playing online and reading online.  I’ve also managed to get some writing done.  Hopefully, this craziness won’t last forever and we can all get back to normal.  In the meantime, stay safe and stay healthy.

1 thought on “What a month!

  1. So glad you’re doing better. I hear you about being online, I’m a programmer( unfortunately, not a threader) so I can do all of my work online and at home. Stay safe and healthy.

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