For King and Country (Now Available for Pre-Order)

The tenth and final volume of The Sorceress and the Dragon (aka Senta and the Steel Dragon) is now available for pre-order wherever you buy your ebooks.

In For King and Country, the final installment of The Sorceress and the Dragon saga (Senta and the Steel Dragon), Birmisia Colony is threatened by a new pantheon of dragon gods. As life continues under the threat of destruction, the citizens look forward to a visit by the King’s youngest son and his new wife, the former Terra Dechantagne. Cousin Iolana is also ending her self-imposed exile for the promise of a position in the new university. Meanwhile Police Chief Saba Colbshallow sees his career and family threatened by a murder investigation against him. Finally, as sorceress Senta Bly waits to face off against Voindrazius the dragon-god, other forces plot her death.

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