What’s Up

Here we are halfway through April. In a month and a half, I will be a retired teacher and a full-time author. The past two weeks have been very busy, and I’ve been working a lot on my new career.
I’ve mentioned before that I usually fiddle around with writing projects until I kind of hit critical mass and then I really take off. That has happened with The Return of the Sorceress, which I’ve written three chapters of in the past week.
Then suddenly, yesterday, I had a new idea for a story, and wrote almost the first two chapters, along with some background material. Time will tell if this is something that I will finish this year or save for the future.
I’ve also been working with a graphic artist for an intro to my Youtube channel. Starting after next month, I plan to post weekly there, with chapter readings, discussions of characters, setting, plot, and theme, and more. I will still post the videos here on Patreon too.
Thank you all for following along on this adventure and thanks for your support.

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