What’s Up (Apr. 26, 2023)

Hello, friends,
I’m running late this week because I was out of town over the past weekend, visiting lovely Flagstaff, Arizona. While I was there, I visited Lowell Observatory and got a great deal of sci-fi inspiration. I also ate some really great Mexican food.
I’m really pleased with myself. I’ve written more than 10,000 words this week. That’s two to four chapters in most of my books. It’s also close to what my goal will be as a full-time writer, and believe me, I’m not one yet (20 more days).
Next week I should have some news about my promotional Youtube channel and some extra goodies for my Patreon supporters.
As I ramp up to become a full-time author, I’ve been relying on my supporters, both Patreon supporters and book readers. I want to thank you all.
If you are interested in becoming a Patreon supporter for as little as $1 per month, follow this link.

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