82 Eridani Update

82 Eridani Journey

I finished chapter seven today and wrote a good portion of chapter eight.  I spent longer on seven than on most of the others.  I think it’s because it was one of the few chapters so far without much in the way of sex or violence.  Chapters five and six both had both.  They’re a lot of fun to write.  Chapter eight has some violence but no sex.  It’s a really fun chapter to write though, because I get to tear one of my characters apart– or at least to have him fall apart.

Most of my favorite characters are the really flawed ones.  The character in chapter five is a person that is so physically and mentally perfect that everyone else hates her.  And her flaw is that she hates herself more than anyone else does, for the same reason.  She hates her own perfection.  The chapter six character is a loving family man on the surface but has a deep and compelling need to kill people.  The chapter seven character is (maybe a little stereotypically) an introverted nerd, who is interested in a woman to the point of obsession.  The chapter eight character was a completely normal, well-balanced guy though– until his perfect world falls apart.  So now, he can be one of my favorite characters too.

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