Finally writing… at least a little.

Today I wrote three pages of stuff for school, but that doesn’t count, right?  I did manage a bit of work on 82 Eridani: Journey.  It’s the first time I’ve done anything in weeks.  It gave me a chance to get the feel again a bit.  This book has my most messed-up characters, so it’s easy to get into.  Today’s bit was about one of the main characters, upset that she can’t get ahold of her lover, who just put her in the hospital.  Like I said, messed up.  If this book turns out anything like it is in my head, it will be my favorite book– chock-a-bok full of spaceships, robots, aliens, genetic manipulation, murder, rape, infidelity, and tomatoes.  Yes, tomatoes.  The vegetable fruit.  I’ll keep you posted.

Update: 82 Eridani

82 Eridani Journey

The other evening, I shared chapter eight with my writer’s group.  I got pretty positive comments.  I’ve still got notes from the last two meetings to go through, but I’ve started on chapter nine.

Chapter eight involves one of the character’s reaction to finding that his wife is cheating on him.

It seems like I’m just a little more behind every day, but Spring Break is only two weeks away and after that, it’s only ten weeks till summer.  I can’t remember ever looking forward to anything as much as I am this year to summer.  Still, I’m cranking away, managing to get some writing done here and there.

82 Eridani Update

82 Eridani Journey

I finished chapter seven today and wrote a good portion of chapter eight.  I spent longer on seven than on most of the others.  I think it’s because it was one of the few chapters so far without much in the way of sex or violence.  Chapters five and six both had both.  They’re a lot of fun to write.  Chapter eight has some violence but no sex.  It’s a really fun chapter to write though, because I get to tear one of my characters apart– or at least to have him fall apart.

Most of my favorite characters are the really flawed ones.  The character in chapter five is a person that is so physically and mentally perfect that everyone else hates her.  And her flaw is that she hates herself more than anyone else does, for the same reason.  She hates her own perfection.  The chapter six character is a loving family man on the surface but has a deep and compelling need to kill people.  The chapter seven character is (maybe a little stereotypically) an introverted nerd, who is interested in a woman to the point of obsession.  The chapter eight character was a completely normal, well-balanced guy though– until his perfect world falls apart.  So now, he can be one of my favorite characters too.

82 Eridani: Behind the Scenes


This is my sketch for the starship in 82 Eridani.  It is described in the story as looking like a 16 penny nail flying through space head-first.

You can see some of my notes and adjustments made on the fly.  You might also note that this is drawn on the back of a 7th grade History worksheet.  A lot of those have been used as scratch paper for story details over the years.

82 Eridani Update

82 Eridani JourneyI read chapter five of 82 Eridani: Journey to my writers’ group last night and got great feedback.  I’m just about done with chapter six.  I’m looking forward to the three day weekend to get a bit caught up on my writing.

There was one scene in chapter five that I haven’t decided whether I want to leave in or not.  It’s not important to the plot, but I was just having a little fun.  I may post it in a few days.  It’s about that Aussie treat– Vegemite.  For some reason, I just had to write something about it and it ended up in the story.

Update: Journey

82 Eridani Journey82 Eridani: Journey is 1/6 done, at least as far as the first draft is concerned.  I finished chapter five last night.  As I’ve mentioned before, it’s plotted out to be 30 chapters long.  Right now, this is the story that seems to be most accessible in my brain, so that’s what I’m writing.  I also have to at least have a chapter done every other week, so that I can read it at my writers’ group.

Chapter 4 didn’t have any sex or violence, so I had to fix that with chapter 5.  Remember I’m going for a cable audience with this book.  So I ended the chapter with a violent domestic abuse incident.  I noticed something about myself when I wrote it too.  My favorite characters are the ones that tend to have the most horrible stuff happen to them in my books.  I don’t know what that says about me.

82 Eridani: Journey

82 Eridani Journey82 Eridani: Journey is going to be the first book in a seven book series.  I was kind of inspired by Game of Thrones (which I have not read, but have watched).  I thought “I need to write a story like Game of Thrones.”  One filled with sex, violence, and violent sex; one based loosely on historical events; and one that plays out over a vast setting and over a multiple book series.  Of course, there is already a Game of Thrones– so I’m not going to write it again.  Besides, I want to tell my own stories, so instead of writing a fantasy story, I thought I would write a space/sci-fi series.

The first book, Journey, as the name implies, is all about the journey to the new solar system.  There is a plot in the story of course, but it is also about introducing characters and themes that are continued throughout the series.  Here are a few hints of what is included so far: genetic manipulation, robotics gone wild, adultery, serial murder, spying, and lots and lots of space sex (which is just sex, but in space).