End of August Update

Hello, friends,
I hope you are all prosperous and well. I’m 50% right now. I’ve got a sinus infection, but I’m writing like no tomorrow. I have about 1000 words left on the draft for Astrid Maxxim and the Great Water Project. So, I expect to be done with it tomorrow or the next day.
I’m still waiting for The Destroyer Returns to… um, return from the editor. I’m not sure of a date yet.
As to what comes next. Usually, when I finish a project, I write a bit of this and that and see what sticks. This time, I thought I would work on some bits that I’ve previously started. I’ve got little pieces of sequels for Princess of Amateur, Blood Trade, Tesla’s Stepdaughters, and two different sequels to Nova Dancer that I might combine into one book. I’ve even got two chapters of a Sorceress and the Dragon book– a series I thought I was done with. That’s not to mention pieces and parts of new projects. I’ve got another space project– 82 Eridani, a time travel story, and a couple of mythology based stories.
If any of those sound like something you’d like to read, let me know. In the meantime, stay safe and have fun.

What’s Coming Up?

His Robot Wife: Extreme Patience is out now at all ebook stores.  I’m very pleased with the reception.  If you’re worrying that this will be the last of my robot books, don’t.  There will be more eventually.

The Destroyer Returns is at the editor.  Expect it in a month or so.  This is a very different type of book for me.  It is a post-apocalyptic story, but one that is less character driven than some of my stories.   I’ll be interested to find out what people think of it.

Astrid Maxxim and the Great Water Project has three chapters to go on the first draft.  If you haven’t read my Astrid Maxxim books because they are aimed at young people, I ask you to please try one.  If you like my other books, I think you’ll like them.  Astrid starts as a high school freshman in the first book.  As she grows up, her challenges and adventures grow too.  In this book, she is a high school junior.

What comes next?  I don’t know.  Watch for a pole coming soon and vote on what you’d like to have me write.  Until then.  Stay safe and have a great fall.