Blog Followers

I started blogging about my writing a little over five and a half years ago.  The reason was to connect with some of my readers and I have to say that I consider it a great success.  Over the past year especially, I’ve gotten emails and posts with comments, questions, and words of encouragement.  It’s very gratifying.

During the first four years of blogging, I sometimes felt that I was my only audience.  On my four year anniversary, I had 18 official followers.  Of course I realize that many people visit a site and don’t click the “follow” button for a variety of reasons.  Nevertheless, I was very excited today when I looked at my home page and saw 201 followers!

Thanks to all of you who follow this site and thanks also to anyone who occasionally visits.


I let an anniversary slip by me recently.  Back in April, was my one year anniversary on WordPress.  My original blog (on Blogger) was almost exactly 4 years old when I switched here.

I was pretty happy back on blogger when I had 10 and then 20 followers.  Today I passed the 150 followers mark on City of Amathar here at WordPress.  Thanks to all of you who were interested enough to press the “follow” button.

An Anniversary

I had an anniversary that I forgot all about.  Last month marked four years of daily blogging for me.  I have thought recently about cutting back on the number of blog entries until my next book was finished, but now I feel like “hey, I’ve done it for four years.  Why would I stop now?”

It really doesn’t hamper my writing to post a few blogs.  In fact, as I write this, I am letting my brain rest as I work my way through the next to last chapter of Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Amazons.  Okay, now back to work.