Patience is Everywhere

His Robot WifeThe model that is featured on the cover of His Robot Wife and His Robot Girlfriend pops up all over the place.  Of course, there’s good reason.  She’s beautiful.  I see her on posters and ads and today I got a groupon-type email with her on.  I’m sure everyone is using her because her pictures can be purchased on royalty-free art sites.  I just hope some of the money is trickling back to her, wherever she is.

See the ad here.

Update: Back to Work

After two whole weeks of not doing any writing at all, I’m finally back to work.  I’m working on Astrid Maxxim 2, and I think I should be able to knock it out pretty quickly.  Actually, I know I can knock it out pretty quickly.  The real question is whether I will.

I like Astrid and when I’m having a rough time getting motivated, writing about her and her friends can put me back in the groove.  Right now, I’m about 2/3 of the way through the draft.

On a related topic, I’ve just contacted Shaed Studios to solicit the cover for Astrid Maxxim 3.  Of course I haven’t started writing it, because I’m still working on book 2, but I have it all plotted out.  The idea for the cover is unusual enough that I thought Matthew over at Shaed would need more time to do it.  But he’ll probably surprise me and have it perfectly crafted well before I expect it.  He did a great job on the previous two covers.