Stop by the Spring Fling Book Fair


If you are in Vegas today, stop by the Spring Fling Book Fair and say hello.  I will be here from 11-12 in the morning, selling signed copies of Astrid Maxxim and her Amazing Hoverbike.

Tomorrow I will post some pictures.

You can also wish me a happy anniversary, as today is my wife’s and my 28th wedding anniversary.  Which just proves that my wife has a great deal of patience.

Catching Up

Yesterday was the first day I met my writing quota in a week, and I’ve written a few pages today too, so I’m feeling really good.

I’m also really glad that March is here.  For some reason, I just feel like February is an evil month.  I’m glad its over.  I’m going to write a lot now that March is here.

Coming up right after March is… April.  I bet you guessed that one already.  In April, the Clark County Library District is holding its Spring Fling Book Fair.  I am set to be one of 100 local authors there.  I’ll have a little table with some info and a stack of Astrid Maxxim books for sale.  More information will be forthcoming.