Now at the Library

His Robot WifeSmashwords has just announced a deal with Overdrive, the largest distributor of ebooks to libraries around the United States.  That means that all of my books will soon be available at your local library.  In addition, many of my ebooks– His Robot Girlfriend, His Robot Wife, Tesla’s Stepdaughters, Women of Power, The Voyage of the Minotaur, and others– are available free to libraries.  So if you are a library ebook user, ask your local library to get my books from Overdrive.


Libraries have been so important in America.  They have been instrumental in raising our literacy rate over the past century.  They are also great for authors.  Libraries have been a great way for authors to be discovered by readers.  I think they continue to be important for discovery and probably will be for quite some time.  Smashwords offers several different programs through which libraries can purchase ebooks, and I participate in all of them.  I was really excited then when the California Library Group purchased my entire library of books.  One copy of each doesn’t mean a lot of book sales for me of course, but it’s not about book sales.  It’s all about connecting with readers.  So, thanks libraries.

Mark Coker Talks Libraries

As usual, Mark Coker has some definite ideas– this time about the place of libraries in the world of ebooks.  I’m not sure about what place libraries will have in our world in 20 years, but he is right that they have been an important part of America up until now.  Check out what he has to say.