First day of the summer

Today was the first full day of summer vacation, but I spent most of it at the hospital, getting preregistered.  Next week I’m going in to have knee replacement surgery.  I plan to do a lot of writing between physical therapy sessions.

I have been writing a great deal the past few weeks, and over the upcoming months, I hope to increase the amount of time I have to devote to it.  I would really like to finish four books this summer: the next robot book, the next Senta book, the next Astrid Maxxim, and finally finishing Kanana: The Jungle Girl.

A Great Deal of Patience and A Plague of Wizards are both about half done.  I haven’t started on Astrid Maxxim and the Secret of Dolphin Island, but I have an outline done.  Kanana: The Jungle Girl is about 90% done.  So there you go.  Watch this space for updates.  I plan to be online a lot more this summer too.


Kanana: The Jungle Girl -- Cover RevealI’ve been doing a little writing the past few days, but mostly I’ve been going through my outlines of various projects and polishing them up.  I usually don’t do that.  I write an outline and I may vary from it quite a bit, but I usually don’t revise it.  I save the revision for when I’m writing the draft.

I suppose this is a way of procrastinating while I decide what to work on next.  One of the outlines that i polished up and actually have where I think it might work is Kanana: The Jungle Girl.  I had set aside that project after completely rewriting the first eight chapters twice, once in first person and once in third person.

Who knows.  I may actually get around to writing it.  After all, I have the first half done… and done.

Previews Update

I’ve updated the Previews page and you may note that Kanana The Jungle Girl is no longer there. I’ve set this story aside. I’m just not happy with how it’s going. I’ve got two versions now, one written in first person narrative and one in third person, and neither seems right.

I’ve been working pretty hard on His Robot Wife: Patience is a Virtue and the way things are going, I should have it done just after the first of the year. I’m still planning on finishing the new Astrid Maxxim and the multi-part Eaglethorpe Buxton books by the end of the year. They both will depend on how much I feel about stepping aside from Patience to complete them when the time comes.

When will I get back to Kanana? I don’t know. I’ve got several new stories waiting for me to write them, as well as half a dozen sequels I want to write, and three new series of five to seven books each (including 82 Eridani). So, it may well be awhile.

Update: Kanana the Jungle Girl

I was cruising right along with Kanana the Jungle Girl.  It was originally very Burroughsian with a little modern sci-fi interpretation ala Amathar.

As the story continued though, it became darker and the first person style I was using seemed less and less as though it fit what the story was becomming.  So I decided to rewrite it in third person form.  This resulted in me having to set it aside before my head exploded.

But just as soon as I finish the chapter I’m writing right now, which should be tomorrow, I’m jumping back on this project.  I should have about five weeks of work to finish the first draft.