Two Years One Month Anniversary

Wow!  With the beginning of school and working on three books, I completely forgot the anniversary of this blog.  On August 12th, it was three years of daily blog posts here at City of Amathar Blog.  I wanted to have something exciting to celebrate the event, but I guess I’ll have to settle for a 3 Years 1 Month Anniversary Celebration.

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Author Wesley Allison on Facebook

A reminder– not only is there an Author Wesley Allison page on facebook, which you should visit and “like,” there is a page for each of my books.  I have been reposting old blog entries that are appropriate to each book, so if you missed any you can now read them.  I’m also posting new blog entries to the appropriate pages, so if you “Like” the book pages, you can read the my blog on Facebook rather than blogspot.  Below are the URL addresses for each of the Facebook pages.

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Women of Power
Princess of Amathar

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Princess of Amathar is now discounted 30% in Trade Paperback format.  Originally 13.95, now you can pick up your copy for only 9.77.  There is no time limit, but you must purchase it directly from City of Amathar Press in order to get the discount.  Follow the link below to the City of Amathar Press Print Shop.  You do not need a coupon code for this offer.

Princess of Amathar Preview at Feedbooks

There is a new preview of Princess of Amathar at  You can find it here.  The thing is that you can get a free preview of this book at any ebookstore that carries it.  But Feedbooks was such a great help in getting my name established as an author and I wanted to get all of my books out on this site.  Unfortunately, Feedbooks, which became a bookseller in a addition to a free distributor not long ago, doesn’t let indies (who charge) publish through them.  I’m hoping that one of the distribution deals that Smashwords has in the works is with this site.  In the meantime, you can expect to see special previews of more of my works at Feedbooks.

Princess of Amathar Free at Smashwords Summer Sale!

The Smashwords Summer Sale is now going on, and one of the freebees available is Princess of Amathar.  Yes, you can get this book for free when you use the coupon code SSWSF at the checkout.

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Characters: Vena Remontar

When I originally conceived and outlined the story of Princess of Amathar, the character of Vena Remontar didn’t exist.  She came into being as I was writing, another minor character that crosses paths with our hero.  The problem came along later.  As I was writing her, I fell in love with her.  That presented me with an entirely different resolution to the story than I had originally planned, but hers remained a small part.  When I revised the book, the one part that was expanded was the central point in the city of Amathar with Alexander and Vena.  Looking back years later, I’m very glad that I was swayed from my original tale by this beautiful alien princess.

Characters: Noriandara Remontar

Noriandara Remontar is the titular character of Princess of Amathar, though she isn’t in most of the first two thirds of the book.  She is the goal, the force that draws Alexander Ashton across the world of Ecos.  Like most of the heroines in Edgar Rice Burroughs, she’s pretty snotty when she meets our hero.  It wasn’t until I was well into the story that I decided she wasn’t going to stop being snotty.  That was my own little additions to Burrough’s formula.

Noriandara Remontar is very tall and blue as are all Amatharians (I wrote this well before Avatar, I must point out).  She is a skilled swordswoman and a knight.

Characters: Malagor

In my first draft of Princess of Amathar, Alexander Ashton was transported to a strange world and found a family of pioneer Amatharians that lived in a remote log cabin.  When I started to describe the wonderful city of Amathar, I didn’t have a reason for this family now to be away from the city unless they were some strange neo-Luddites.  So I wrote them out and created Malagor, one of the many humanoid species living in Ecos for Alexander to run into.  Looking back now, I can see I was definitely influenced by the science fantasy classics Star Trek and Star Wars in his creation.  He is still one of my favorite characters though.

Characters: Norar Remontar

Since Princess of Amathar is very much an homage to A Princess of Mars by Edgar Rice Burroughs, it’s no surprise that the warrior alien is very much inspired by Tars Tarkas.  Norar Remontar is a proud knight of the city of Amathar and befriends Alexander rather grudgingly.  But once befriended, he is true till the end.  I created the Amatharian names with an idea that they would be very difficult to say aloud– I’m not really sure why.