His Robot Wife – Still #25 on iBookstore’s Free Sci-Fi

His Robot Girlfriend

Since it opened, iBookstore has had His Robot Wife in the top 50 free sic-fi.  Several times, it has risen up to within the top 10.  Currently it is #25.

Thanks to iBookstore, Apple, Smashwords, and most of all to all the readers– especially those who posted reviews.  It has 1730 ratings– more 5 star than 4 star, more 4 star than 3 star, more 3 star than 2 star, and more 2 star than 1 star.  To make a long story short (too late) it has 3 1/2 stars overall.

I can’t tell you how gratifying it is to see my book popping up on lists of great sic-fi, favorite stories, or lists like the iBookstore or Amazon.  It reminds me once again of my new mantra: It’s not about book sales!  It’s about readers!

Astrid Maxxim and her Undersea Dome at iBookstore


Astrid Maxxim and her Undersea Dome is now available for iBooks.  Check it out now at your local iBookstore, using your favorite iDevice.

I’m pretty amazed at how quickly my book showed up on my iPad.  They really have streamlined the submission process between Smashwords and Apple.

Don’t forget though, you can still get a free copy of this book by following the directions from the post a little further down the page.  Thanks.

Good News for Indy Authors

Mark Coker at Smashwords reports that Smashwords authors have enjoyed a 76% increase in sales through Apple iBookstore after Christmas.  See the original post here.  This is aggregated from 125,000 Smashwords titles, so it’s too early to tell if that has had an impact on my books, but it sounds good.  Apple has been my best selling outlet for a while now.

On a related note, sales are up for my books at Amazon’s Kindle Store too.

Obviously having a small sales increase (of the amount that I might hope for) won’t immediately make me wealthy or allow me to retire from teaching and focus on writing, but anything that makes you feel good about writing can be a great motivator.  And getting my books out into the hands of readers makes me feel good.