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Author of twenty science-fiction and fantasy books, including the popular "His Robot Girlfriend."

Kanana: The Jungle Girl – $5.99 in Paperback

In a world substantially different from our own world in 1913, former Rough Rider and adventurer Henry Goode crosses the vast ocean to explore the unknown continent of Elizagaea. Spurred on into the wilderness by emotional trauma, he finds vicious creatures from a bygone era, savage natives, long lost civilizations, and a mysterious jungle goddess.

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Princess of Amathar – $8.99 in Paperback

Transported to the mysterious artificial world of Ecos, Earth man Alexander Ashton struggles understand the society of his new friends, the humanoid Amatharians. As he does so, he finds himself falling in love with their princess and being thrust into a millennium-long war with their mortal foes, the reptilian Zoasians. Princess of Amathar is a sword-swinging novel of high adventure in a world filled with fantastic alien civilizations, strange creatures, and bold heroes.

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Nova Dancer – $5.99 in Paperback

In a universe so far in the future that Earth is considered a myth, Captain Rann Starr and his small crew fly through the galaxy in their starship Nova Dancer, negotiating primitive settlements and vast space stations alike, carrying freight, as well as the occasional passenger who might belong to one of a thousand alien species. Dealing with soldiers and gun-runners might be everyday business for Starr, but the breakup of his little ad-hoc family is something he won’t stand for.

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Tesla’s Stepdaughters -$5.99 in Paperback

In an alternate 1975, where men are almost extinct due to germ warfare, someone is trying to kill history’s greatest rock & roll band. It falls to Science Police Agent John Andrews, only recently arrived from the distant male enclaves, to protect them. As the band continues their come-back tour across North America, Andrews must negotiate a complicated relationship with Ep!phanee, the band’s lead singer; drummer Ruth De Molay, bassist Steffie Sin, and the redheaded clone lead guitarist Penny Dreadful, as he protects them and tries to discover who wants to kill the Ladybugs. This newly revised and edited 5th Anniversary edition contains the complete guide to the world and music of the Ladybugs.

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New Paperbacks – New Paperback Prices

I’ve recently been informed that paperback pricing will change by June 20th, 2023.  I have removed the prices on the book pages of this site.  If you follow the links, you will see the latest pricing on the retailers’ websites.  As soon as things settle, I will put the new prices here on this site.

On a related note, I am in the process of revision/edit/review of all my current books.  The first was HIs Robot Girlfriend and is complete.  In addition to making the best ebook edition possible, I will make sure that there is a paperback edition for each book.  Those books that are free will not have paperback editions.  People aren’t purchasing a paperback when they can get a free download, so it makes sense to put the effort elsewhere.

As each book is update and out in paperback, it will be announce here.  Thanks, and thanks for your support.

What’s Up (5-5-23)


At the beginning of the year, I announced that I was planning to publish five books this year.  That is still the goal.  It looks like the first will be the first book of a new series.  The series title is “The Greywater Adventurer’s Guild.”  It is a story of a group of adventurers in a fairly typical fantasy setting.  There are some twists and turns to the story that I think you will enjoy..

So, wait!  That was not one of the five books promised.  Right.  Well, it’s taking the place in the lineup of The Destroyer Returns Book 2.  That book my wait a while, as there aren’t a huge number of people clamoring for it.  (Let me know if I’m wrong and you are eagerly awaiting the story.)

The other four books planned for this year are still on track: Knights of Amathar, The Return of the Sorceress, RO110: Time Traveler at Large, and Astrid Maxxim and her Hyperloop Hovertrain.

I’m feeling pretty confident.  I’ve been getting a great deal of writing done, and I still have twelve work days before my retirement begins.

Thanks to all of you for being readers.  If you would like to offer more support, visit my Patreon page and become a supporter.

What’s Up (Apr. 26, 2023)

Hello, friends,
I’m running late this week because I was out of town over the past weekend, visiting lovely Flagstaff, Arizona. While I was there, I visited Lowell Observatory and got a great deal of sci-fi inspiration. I also ate some really great Mexican food.
I’m really pleased with myself. I’ve written more than 10,000 words this week. That’s two to four chapters in most of my books. It’s also close to what my goal will be as a full-time writer, and believe me, I’m not one yet (20 more days).
Next week I should have some news about my promotional Youtube channel and some extra goodies for my Patreon supporters.
As I ramp up to become a full-time author, I’ve been relying on my supporters, both Patreon supporters and book readers. I want to thank you all.
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