Too Much to Do

I’ve got way too much to do with my little writing/publishing gig here.  I’ve got several projects that are not directly related to writing that I wanted to do.  I’ve got three books out in ebook form that I don’t have paperbacks for.  I started making a biographical dictionary of the four hundred characters in Senta and the Steel Dragon.  I bought the equipment to allow me to try and make an audio book.  Finally, I like to do my yearly read-through of my books looking for any errors.  All this in addition to writing.  Unfortunately my day job is getting in the way.

So, I have to put everything except the writing onto the back burner until summer vacation.  The bad news: our school district is shifting the school year back, so this summer is only eight weeks long!  Oh well.  In a few years I’ll be retired and then I won’t be able to make excuses.