What’s Up (5-5-23)


At the beginning of the year, I announced that I was planning to publish five books this year.  That is still the goal.  It looks like the first will be the first book of a new series.  The series title is “The Greywater Adventurer’s Guild.”  It is a story of a group of adventurers in a fairly typical fantasy setting.  There are some twists and turns to the story that I think you will enjoy..

So, wait!  That was not one of the five books promised.  Right.  Well, it’s taking the place in the lineup of The Destroyer Returns Book 2.  That book my wait a while, as there aren’t a huge number of people clamoring for it.  (Let me know if I’m wrong and you are eagerly awaiting the story.)

The other four books planned for this year are still on track: Knights of Amathar, The Return of the Sorceress, RO110: Time Traveler at Large, and Astrid Maxxim and her Hyperloop Hovertrain.

I’m feeling pretty confident.  I’ve been getting a great deal of writing done, and I still have twelve work days before my retirement begins.

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