The Dark and Forbidding Land: Bessemer

One of the main things about the series of Senta and the Steel Dragon, is the steel dragon himself.  He changes from book to book.  In book 1, he’s not much bigger than a house cat and is treated generally like a pet.  By book 3, he’s somewhat larger than a pony, speaks several languages fluently, and is a real part of the story.  By book 5, he is pretty close to the size of a steam train engine.

In the Dark and Forbidding Land, he is a bit bigger than the average family dog, and is starting to communicate in words.  He’s not really a character yet, like he is in book 3, but I had a lot of fun with him.  He’s perhaps a bit more mischievous and dangerous at this age than he is when he is older and can actually think about what he is doing.

The Drache Girl: Bessemer

It was the size of a small pony, covered in scales the color of polished steel.  Every step it took was a study in grace, and from the tip of its whiskered snout, past its folded wings, to the tip of its barbed tail, it seemed to just flow along.
“They look as though they’ve never seen a dragon before,” said the dragon.

Bessemer the dragon appears more in The Drache Girl than any other book in the series.  He is right there on the first page, and what’s more, he’s grown up enough to talk.  He’s a regular character in his own right.  Part of the story of the series is his growth of course, but I found him particularly fun to write in this book.