Casting Brechalon

Terrence is still in his twenties in Brechalon and Henry Cavill would be a good choice to play him.  Of course I would want British actors for all these characters.

Emily Blunt would make a great Iolanthe.  She is beautiful but can be scary cold too.

I really like Charlie Cox in Stardust and he would make a great Augie.  I think though Augie would be the easiest character to cast.

Annabel Scholey might be a tad too sexy to be Yuah, but Yuah is described as being more beautiful that Iolanthe and there aren’t many actresses who would fit that bill.  I really liked Annabel in Being Human.

Zeah is probably the hardest character to cast, but I could imagine David Thewlis speaking his lines complete with stutter.  He’s actually the right age, though I think he might need make up to look a bit older.

Prisoner 89 aka Zurfina.  As soon as I saw Lynn Collins with blond hair (it’s usually dark brown) I thought she was perfect.  The fact that she is Dejah Thoris in the upcoming John Carter makes her a must for the part.

Andrew Garfield would make a great Nils Chapman.  In fact, I think he would make a better Nils Chapman than a Spiderman, but that’s just me.

Karl Drury is a scary guy and needs to be intimidating, especially to Nils.  Rufus Sewell could pull that off in spaces.

Have a different actor in mind?  Let me know.

Casting Women of Power

Fantasizing about one’s book being made into a movie is always fun, especially wondering who migh be tapped to play your characters.  I decided to take a look at who might be good choices for the characters in Women of Power.

Elisha Cuthbert really works as Stella (aka All American Girl).  She looks great in short blond hair and could easily pull off Stella’s sassy, ass-kicking style.

I like Blake Lively for Linda (aka Skygirl).  Linda is on the surface a sort of vapid farm girl, but is more than she appears underneath.

Bruce Willis as Professor Destruction.  Bruce Willis can play all kinds of parts, but I’d really like to see him as a villain.  His voice is perfect too.

Ryan Gosling as Perihelion, Stella’s ex.  He’s described as being just about perfect, as spokesmodel for Italian suits, and the most handsome superhero on the planet, so there you go.

Perihelion’s new squeeze Omega Woman has a very unusual golden look, but is also beautiful in an unearthly way.  Lesli Bibb could pull that off.

Omega Woman’s BFF Dynagirl has a quirky, retro thing going on.  Zooey Dechanel could pull off the cape, mask, and gogo boots.

Sam Worthington as Dark Energy.  He’s a bad guy, but Stella finds him kind of attractive too.  She would never tell him so, partially because she’s too busy pounding on him.

Sam Rockwell would be a great Irving.  Stella’s agent Irving is one of my favorite characters, particularly since I’ve never seen a superhero’s agent before, so I can claim to have come up with the idea.  To be Irving, you have to be able to do comedy and drama and Sam Rockwell could/has done both well.

There you go.  Let me know what you think.  If you haven’t picked up Women of Power yet, you can get it for 99 cents wherever fine ebooks are sold.