Top 10 DRM-free Ebooks for 2009

Ebooks Just Published has posted a list of the Top 10 DRM-free ebooks published this year. You can imagine how happy I am to find that Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess made the cut. According to the site, the list is based on “user reviews, star ratings, and uniqueness.”
You can find the list here.

Ebooks Just Published

I’ve mentioned Ebooks Just Published before. If you are looking for something new to read, this is a great place to visit. They highlight a new book about twice a week. Some are free and some are for sale. If you are an author who has self published an ebook, this site is also a great resource for you. You can present your work here and get quite a bit of interest generated.

Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess – One Month of Free Downlaods

It has been one month since Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess was released as a free ebook. So far it has been downloaded 741 times at Feedbooks and Smashwords. Get your free download now. It is not yet available in bookstores, but you can purchase a copy of the paper book by clicking on the appropriate link at the right.

Princess of Amathar – New Edition, New Prices

If you look along the right side of the page, you may not notice anything different, but “Princess of Amathar” has been updated to a second edition, to match the second edition ebook now available. Three different formats are available. Not only are they updated, but the prices on all three formats have been lowered. The deluxe hardbound was $27.95 but in now $23.95. The trade paperback was $14.95 and is now $13.95. And the digest paperback was $9.95 but is now $7.95. Both the hardbound and the trade paperback sport new covers, while the digest paperback now features a sample chapter of “His Robot Girlfriend”.

If you enjoyed “His Robot Girlfriend” and would like to support my writing, please purchase a copy of “Princess of Amathar”. I make about the same amount of money no matter which edition you purchase (around $1), so if all you want to do is contribute, buy the $1.59 ebook. If you want a nice paperback, try the digest. Thanks to everyone who purchases and reads this and any other of my books.

Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess – Free Ebook Available Now!

As you have noticed, Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess is now available as a free ebook. Download it today in your choice of several formats. Just follow the link at the right.

Allow me to introduce myself. I am Eaglethorpe Buxton, famed world traveler and story-teller. Of course you have heard of me, for my tales of the great heroes and their adventures have been repeated far and wide across the land. In truth I am probably better known in any case as an adventurer in my own right than as a teller of the adventures of others. From storied Aerithraine, where I once had the pleasure of spending a fortnight in the company of the Queen, to distant Holland, I have wondered the world being a friend to those in need of a friend, a protector to those in need of a protector, and a guardian to those in need of a guardian.

Eaglethorpe Buxton is a fool and a hack. You couldn’t find a writer of less wit and style.
– Dextius Winterborn, Story-teller’s Guild.

Without a doubt, the biggest liar that ever walked the world.
– Sir Roderick Bairn, Adventurer

That boy will never amount to anything. Mark my words, he was born to hang.
– Margram Buxton, Father

Who? I don’t believe I’ve ever heard of him. Yes. No, I’m sure I haven’t.
-Queen Elleena I of Aerithraine

Join Eaglethorpe Buxton as he adventures across a magical world to help… a poor orphan child? An elven princess? Who can know for sure, when it is Eaglethorpe himself who tells the tale?

Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess is a short book by Wesley Allison, author of His Robot Girlfriend, and Princess of Amathar. Available now as a free ebook and soon, for a nominal fee, as an old-fashioned paper book at fine bookstores everywhere.