Kindle Touch

The other day Amazon announced a whole group of new Kindles, including the long awaited Kindle with a touch screen.  They look pretty good and the price point is excellent.  This is great for several reasons.  More people will buy ereaders.  Ereaders are the best way to enjoy books.  Of course for me, it means that the audience for my books has increased.  For those of you with new kindles, follow the links at the side of the blog page to go directly to the Kindle editions of my books, or find them in the Kindle store.  Happy reading.

Free Kindle Book: The Four Corners of the Sky“A fabulously entertaining novel, part caper, part love story,” or “an ambitious work filled with innaccuracies and bordering on the absurd?”  You get to decide, because for a limited time, it’s Free at the Kindle Store.  Get it quick.

Free Kindle Book: The Forever Yong Diet & Lifestyle

The Forever Young program is the scientifically based plan that will bring your life back into synch with your genetic identity, restoring your youthful vigor and glow, while at the same time optimizing your health, quality of life, and longevity. –James O’Keefe, MD and Joan O’Keefe, RD

In a field plagued by miracle diets and sketchy information, The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle presents a commonsense plan that improves satiety; promotes wholesome, fresh, and easily obtained foods; and reinforces a rational, holistic, mind-body approach to diet and lifestyle. The program is a complete package that can help provide a lifetime of energy and good health.

Most of our health problems today result from a mismatch between the world we are designed for and the very different one in which we live. The modern American leading a sedentary lifestyle of automobiles, couches, televisions, computers, and junk food is like a fish out of water. Our genes have changed minimally over the past few thousand years, yet our diets and lifestyles have become progressively more divergent from those of our ancient ancestors.

The Forever Young Diet and Lifestyle outlines the path back to our natural needs and rhythms. Firmly grounded in the medically proven Hunter-Gatherer diet, the plan easily promotes weight loss, vastly improves energy levels, enhances sleep and concentration, and restores the natural youthful glow we should have at any age. Cardiologist James O’Keefe and his wife, Joan, a registered dietitian, provide a down-to-earth, sensible program that’s both satisfying and easy to follow.

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