Women of Power: Now Available at Smashwords and Amazon

Women of Power is finished!  It’s already up at Smashwords and should be up at Amazon’s Kindle store by the time you read this.  You can follow the links at the bottom of this post and purchase your own ebook edition for 99 cents.  It should be available at iBooks, B&N, Kobo, Diesel, and Sony within the next two weeks.

Smashwords: http://www.smashwords.com/books/view/81899
Amazon: http://www.amazon.com/Women-of-Power-ebook/dp/B005HJR4TY/ref=sr_1_69?s=digital-text&ie=UTF8&qid=1313569849&sr=1-69

His Robot Wife at Amazon Kindle

His Robot Wife continues to sell well and I want to thank all the Kindle users out there who purchased it.  It is available at many fine ebook stores, including Amazon.com, for 99 cents.  As of this date, it has sold over 2500 copies and I couldn’t be more please.  I guess technically I could, say, if it sold 5000.  🙂


The New Nook?

I just got my April Kindle royalty payments (thanks Kindle readers, especially in the UK) and it happens to coincide with my decision to buy a new ereader.  I enjoy my iPad, but it’s too big to stick in my pocket or carry to the gym.  I almost bought a Kindle, but the only ones at Walmart were the ones “with special offers.”  If my device is going to act as a rolling billboard, they’re going to have to pay me a hell of a lot more than $25.00 for the privilage.  I think I would pay twice as much for the non-“special offers” model.

Then Barnes and Noble announced the new Nook.  I wasn’t that impressed with the original Nook, and don’t care for a Nook 2 since I already have an iPad.  But the new Nook has some very cool features– a screen similer to the Kindle, only with touch, the ability to add your own screen savers, and it is very small.  It won’t be out until June 10, though so I have to wait and check it out before I buy one.

His Robot Wife in the UK

As I mentioned in an earlier comment, His Robot Wife is selling about three times as well in the UK than it is in the US Kindle store.  I’m sure this is in large part to the very nice review (previously mentioned also) by Mr. Horrigan.  Thanks to all of you in the UK.  I appreciate your support.

Five Star Review for His Robot Wife

The following review is from Amazon UK.
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5.0 out of 5 stars A really great little book!, 11 Mar 2011
By S. Horrigan (London) – See all my reviews

This review is from: His Robot Wife (Kindle Edition)
Mike Smith is a happily married, early retired, middle class ex-school teacher. The only unusual thing about him is that his wife Patience is a robot.

Told in a deceptively simple style this is a classic Asimov style robot story. It is not particularly long (it took me about two hours to read) but it does cover some very emotive issues about the rights of an artificial intelligence.

The character development of Patience is the key to this story. Starting as a very robotic robot, her discovery of her real self and her development as an individual rather than just being “His Robot Wife” are beautifully handled by the author. The story actually had me questioning my own opinions.

The Kindle presentation is perfect with no formatting or presentational errors that I could see. The cover picture is also included. The cover picture deserves a quick mention too – it is absolutely perfect for the book and is what first attracted my attention when browsing the Kindle science fiction section.

Overall 5 stars! The biggest compliment I can pay the author is that after finishing this book I immediately searched to see if he had written anything else. I found several other Kindle books by him and will definitely be reading some more of his work.

See the original here.

Great Sites for New Kindle Owners: Mobile Read Forums

Mobile Read is a great forum to find out information about your Kindle or other reader.  They have a section for every ereader ever made.  Plus they have a great library of free books which, unlike those found elsewhere, have been put together by hand, with loving care and with careful attention to font size and layout.  I visit Mobile Read everyday, just to touch base with other ebook readers.

You can find Mobile Read Forums here.

Great Sites for New Kindle Owners: Manybooks

Manybooks.net is THE place to get free books in the public domain.  Whether it’s Dickens, Twain, or Edgar Rice Burroughs, you’ll find it here.  They also have a small but growing selection of freely distributable new books by a variety of authors.  You  can also find all kinds of obscure books from the early twentieth century here.  They add new books daily and they come in just about every ebook format there its.  Best of all, it’s all free.  Check it out at http://www.manybooks.net/.

Refining the Look and Feel

As you might notice, there are some slight changes to the City of Amathar Blog.  I’m reoganizing it a bit.  You will also note the books on the right now include direct links to the Kindle store and some other places where you can find my books.  Feel free to try a few of these links and download some books for you Kindle, Nook, or iPad.

If you are reading this from facebook, visit: http://amathar.blogspot.com/

Great Sites for New Kindle Owners – Feedbooks

Feedbooks is awesome!  It’s actually three sites in one.  There is a store, which you don’t want to use if you are a Kindle user– wrong format.  They use epub.  But the other two parts are great and you can use them on the Kindle.  One is a public domain section, where you will find hundreds and hundreds of classics, absolutely free.  The other is the original books section, where you will find indy authors like myself, and tons of fan fiction.  Don’t be afraid to try it out.  You can search by what’s popular and find some real gems.


His Robot Wife – Now Available

His Robot Wife  — the long awaited sequel to His Robot Girlfriend is now available.

Five years ago, Mike Smith was an unhappy man living all alone. Then he purchased a Daffodil. Far more than regular robots, his Daffodil Patience, changed his life in ways that he had never thought possible. Now it is the year 2037, and Mike and Patience have been married for five years. Retired and enjoying life, Mike thought that all his troubles were behind him, but it seems as though they are creeping up again. California Proposition 22 proposes to define a person as a biological entity, thereby annulling marriages, like Mike’s and Patience’s, performed in other states. Battle lines have been drawn, at least as far as the proponents of the bill are concerned. Now Mike must muster his own support to defeat the measure. But there is more going on than just politics. Daffodil, the robot maker, is in the news again. Hardware issues are leaving robots across the globe unable to function. Is it only an antenna issue? Now Patience herself is behaving oddly. Is there something really wrong with her, or does she just need a software upgrade?

His Robot Wife is available for 99 cents at Smashwords or the Kindle Store.