Work in Progress: Women of Power

Well, I should have the draft of Women of Power done within the next ten days or so.  It is a lot closer to being publishable than Blood Trade, so it’s entirely possible it may get done first.  This is because I have been working on this so long, that I have gone back and revised the first two thirds about a dozen times already.  I just need to finish it, revise the end, clean it up, edit, listen to it aloud (second edit) and it can go out as an ebook.  It’s going to be only about 35,000 words– a bit longer than His Robot Wife, and a bit shorter than His Robot Girlfriend, so expect it to sell for 99 cents.

I think it’s fair to say that if you liked either of my Robot books or Princess of Amathar, you’ll like this one.  Also, my daughter is hard at work slaving over her Laptop, photoshopping some art for a possible new cover.  When it’s ready, you’ll see it here first.

Writer or Slacker?

My original goal for the summer was to write eight pages a day.  I amended that to four pages a day, because I knew the first goal was simply unattainable.  Well, the summer is more than half over and I’ve written about an average of 1.25 pages a day.  I felt pretty miserable about that until I figured that if I managed to write 1.25 pages a day over the course of a year, I’d write 456 pages– four or five books.  I could live with that.  So, here I am.  Writing a page or so a day.  I’m about to finish the first draft of Women of Power and then I’m back on draft two of Blood Trade.

Work in Progress: Women of Power

Work is going well on Women of Power.  I’m doing a revision pass on the part that is already written, before I continue it.  I have to say, it’s pretty tight.  This is a fun story and I’m having a lot of fun with it.  If you would like to check it out, you can download Women of Power issues 1 and 2, which are essentially the first two chapters of the novel at 

Follow this link.

Work in Progress: Women of Power

Now that I have finished the first draft of Blood Trade, I’m hard at work on finishing the draft of Women of Power.  I’m about 80% complete.  I really like this story.  On another note, I have been looking at some possible art for a live model cover for this book.  I’ve purchased the rights to some great model pics lately, including a piece for the next Eaglethorpe Buxton book and I may go that way for this one too.  On the other hand, it’s hard to get good live action super-heroics.

Work in Progress

With the realization that my writing is not going as quickly as I want, I decided to see exactly how far along on some of my projects I am.  It only makes sence that I work on some of those I already have started, or even near completion.  So here’s how they’re going….

Blood Trade — draft about 70% complete (and damn it, I’m finishing this!)
Women of Power — draft about 65% complete.
Senta and the Steel Dragon 4: The Young  Sorceress — draft about 25% complete.
Senta and the Steel Dragon 5: The Two Dragons — draft 100% complete (but can’t publish until I finish with 4).
The Jungle Girl — draft about 25% complete.
Knights of Amathar — draft about 15% complete.
Cosmos: The Cygnus Gateway — draft about 12% complete.
Nova Dancer — draft 10% complete.
Sons of Armageddon — draft about 10% complete.

Of course I have a few bits and pieces of things I’ve started and played with too, but if I go down the list the way I’ve got it sorted, I should be able to get the most done the quickest.  We’ll see if I can remain disciplined enough to do that.

Update: Blood Trade

It’s been a little over five weeks since I updated you about my current project.  It’s taking me a lot longer than I expected.  I’m just taking longer to write this than some of my other books.  I’m not sure why, exactly.  I’ve just finished chapter 9.  There will probably be 13 chapters in all.  So, since I started this about the beginning of April, you might expect that it will take me about six more weeks to finish the first draft.  If that is the case, I won’t be ready to revise it until after school starts, and that means I’ll be working much slower on it.  So, my best guess for right now for publication is about the 1st of October.  Wow!  That seems like such a long way off, especially considering I wanted to get three more books done this year.  I guess that’s not going to happen.  The following is a repeat of the short blurb I posted about five weeks ago about the book.  Details are subject to change:

Blood Trade is the story of Goth Girl/Former Army Ranger/Private Detective/Tattoo Model/Vampire Hunter Xochitl McKenna, who is thrown into the world of human trafficking committed by both humans and vampires, as she hunts for a twelve year old runaway. Crossing paths, and sometimes getting in her way, are Vegas Cop Vince Rizello, mysterious FBI agent Dominic Zielinski; Novelyne Cavendish, a 200 year old ditsy blonde vampire, and Larry the werewolf.

Work in Progress: Five Novels

I’m dedicated to publishing 5 books this year, and I’m still hopeful that working as a writer full time this summer I’ll be able to make that goal.  The first of course is already out: His Robot Wife.  So here’s what the rest of the year will look like:

His Robot Wife
Blood Trade
Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 4: The Young Sorceress
Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 5: The Two Dragons

Book five may be any one of several projects.  Of course I may not make my goal.  I’m hopeful though, as last year I published 5 books.

Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 0: Brechalon
Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 1: The Voyage of the Minotaur
Tesla’s Stepdaughters
Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 2: The Dark and Forbidding Land
Senta and the Steel Dragon Book 3: The Drache Girl.