Update: Blood Moon

Update: Blood MoonI’ve been reading some of my partially completed manuscripts, trying to get a feel for what to work on next.  I’m really dedicated to getting the next robot book done and I was cruising pretty well through 89 Eridani before I sat it down to complete said robot book and Astrid Maxxim.  Still as I was reading through the first part of Blood Moon, I really felt it compelling me to get back to it.

I think the first chapter of Blood Moon may be the best chapter I’ve ever written.  It’s definitely the best first chapter I’ve ever written.  It’s not the language or the writing, but the story and the characterization and the ideas.  There is a lot of wow factor stuff in it.  A big surprise in where and how we find our heroine and what she’s doing, an immediate rush of action, and one of my favorite new characters that I’ve created in a long time.  Plus it’s got vampires, werewolves, and zombies right in the first chapter.

I definitely intend to get back to this book before the end of the year.  Of course, I’ll keep you posted of my progress right here.

Previews: Part 7

I forgot to mention in Previews: Part 6, that I have a sequel to Blood Trade in the works.  As you can see, it already has a cover.  I had to secure the rights to the art, so that I would have the same model available for both books.

I have about two chapters of this book done.  Although Blood Trade was difficult to write, these were pretty easy, and I really like them.  Like the first book, this one is very dark and gritty, has vampires, werewolves, and this time zombies.

This will probably go on my official schedule as soon as Eaglethorpe Buxton is published.