Cover Reveal: Women of Power

One of the running topics over at Smashwords is the possibility of improving sales by improving your book cover.  Along with writing this summer, I’m doing new edits of as many books as I can get done, getting paper versions completed for as many books as I can, and generally improving my product line.  So I decided some time ago that I would redo the cover for Women of Power, since it is the only cover I’ve ever actually gotten negative feedback on– something along the lines of “the book was much better thant he cheesy cover seemed to indicate.”

By the time you read this, I should be very close to uploading this cover to Smashwords and Amazon, and of course the other retail outlets will have it soon afterwards.  If you want, feel free to redownload the book.  Regardless of where you purchased it, you should be able to download the update free.  If it has the new cover, you’ve got the new update.

82 Eridani: Journey

Time to reveal the secret project I’m working on: Coming in 2013.

82 Eridani is a seven book science fiction series, the first volume of which is entitled Journey.  The other volumes will be: Arrival, War, Conquest, Siege, Duel, and Destiny.

82 Eridani: Journey

The three mile-long interstellar spacecraft Constellation was designed to explore and colonized the Sirius Star System.  The problem is, that it isn’t going to Sirius.  The $14 Trillion spaceship has been hijacked by its commander and is flying toward the 82 Eridani star system, and none of the 7,000 crew and colonists know why.  Officer Freya Johannson, despite being the commander’s lover, has no more idea than anyone else, but she is determined to find out.  Officer James Moore might be curious, but he has more pressing concerns of his own.  His wife may be having an affair, so he turns to a group of others to find out for sure, including robotics expert Robert Stivers.  Stivers builds robots of all types, include ant-sized surveillance robots which he uses primarily to stalk hard-bodied security officer January Sarbanes.  What the tiny robitic eyes have yet to notice is that a serial killer stalks the corridors of the ship.  None of these crew members, nor any of the others including the commander, are ready for the shock of what they will find when they finally reach 82 Eridani.

Warning: Adult Content