First day of the summer

Today was the first full day of summer vacation, but I spent most of it at the hospital, getting preregistered.  Next week I’m going in to have knee replacement surgery.  I plan to do a lot of writing between physical therapy sessions.

I have been writing a great deal the past few weeks, and over the upcoming months, I hope to increase the amount of time I have to devote to it.  I would really like to finish four books this summer: the next robot book, the next Senta book, the next Astrid Maxxim, and finally finishing Kanana: The Jungle Girl.

A Great Deal of Patience and A Plague of Wizards are both about half done.  I haven’t started on Astrid Maxxim and the Secret of Dolphin Island, but I have an outline done.  Kanana: The Jungle Girl is about 90% done.  So there you go.  Watch this space for updates.  I plan to be online a lot more this summer too.