My Favorite 2-Star Review

My books have gotten many reviews– mostly good.  I’m proud to say that I have more 2 star reviews than 1 star, more 3 star than 2 star, more 4 star than 3 star, and more 5 star than 4 star.  Some of those are very well-thought-out and some not so much.

I usually try not to look at reviews, but sometimes I see them and can’t help myself from reading them.  I recently spotted the only review for Women of Power on US Amazon.  It’s a 2-star review, but I really enjoyed reading it.  First of all, though it has some real criticism, it is constructive.  Secondly, it has some positive things to say too.

Here’s a part I like.

“The sad part is that this author writes amazingly well. The whole book is modern
language type writing, making it easy to understand. And the author certainly
knows how to craft an action scene. It’s exciting and you’re never lost or
wondering where one character is, in relation to another, or even to the
environment. The author creates great superhero/villain names for the
characters. I’m a big fan of the Atomic Jack-O-Lantern, the name alone tells you
what an awesome character it is. I cannot sing enough praises for this author’s
ability to make me want to keep going one more chapter. Just one more… just
one more… till I suddenly find myself at the end of the book.”

Read the entire review (all 2 stars) here.

The New York Review of Science Fiction

I just received my copy of The New York Review of Science Fiction for May 2012 and found a lovely article on me– “Wesley Allison– A New Kind of SF Writer” by Patrick L. McGuire.  I actually knew this article was coming, as Patrick had let me know he was working on it and had run a fact check copy by me.

I am very honored to be featured in the NYRSF, and am even more honored by Patrick’s article.  I find it very humbling when someone cares enough about my work to shine a light on it, and this is quite the spotlight.  This is especially true when that someone is such a connoisseur of science fiction.  Thank you Patrick.