Crazy Week

It’s been wild around my house lately.  For one thing, we’ve had power issues.  For another, I’ve had a hard time connecting to Word Press so that I could write this blog.  Finally, we are getting ready to put new carpet in our house.  We are moving everything out as we wait for the carpet to arrive.  Soon I’ll have to move my workstation, so I may be posting just as sporadically the next couple of weeks as I have been this past week.

Still, work progresses.  I should announce the next Senta book in a few days.  The Dragon’s Choice is going through final proofreading now. Watch this space for more information.   I kind of thought I would have time to work on some other things, but time is getting away from me, so as soon as I’m set back up again, I’ll probably jump right into writing His Robot Wife: Patience Under Fire.