Tragic Events in Las Vegas

As many of you know, I am a citizen of Southern Nevada.  I live in Henderson, which once upon a time, was quite a ways from Vegas.  The two have since grown together so much that you don’t know when you’re leaving one and entering another.

We in Southern Nevada experienced what is rapidly becoming a common occurrence in our country.  I refer of course to the mass shooting on the Las Vegas strip.  My family and I are all safe, but we teachers at Brown Academy of International Studies were deeply saddened to find that one of our former students, Quinton Robbins, was killed.  I am attaching a link to his family’s Go Fund Me page here.  They have surpassed their goal, but I am sure they could put any excess to good use.  And here is a link to the Las Vegas Victim’s Fund.

Thanks for any contributions to either of these causes, as well as for your prayers and kind thoughts for the people and visitors of Las Vegas.