My Writing Story (2015)


His Robot Wife: Charity

I have noticed (and others have as well) that I tend to write about similar things in different stories.  I wrote two stories set in Antarctica, relatively close together.  I had very similar conversations in The Drache Girl and Tesla’s Stepdaughters—different topics, but a similar format.  I was working on an as yet unpublished story involving a cheating spouse.  This was still on my mind when I came up with a plot for a new robot book.  For the first time a robot story came to me in a sort of natural way, like other stories.  For that reason, I think it’s the best of the four robot books.

Because of the plot, I needed entirely new characters for this story.  I tied it in with the other books by placing it in the same setting and then I had some of the characters from the earlier books—Mike and Ryan—appear in this one as well.  Ryan has gone from being a car salesman to a realtor.  Happily, I was able to take some of the threads from this book and weave them into the next His Robot Wife book.

The Price of Magic

 The Price of Magic was plotted at the same time as The Sorceress and her Lovers, and in many ways, it is just a continuation of that story.  I eventually got around to writing it.  I knew that I was eventually going to write more in the series, but I thought that this one had a very natural ending to it.  As it typical of me, after I finished The Price of Magic, I wrote many bits and pieces looking for my next project.  The only one of those that I went back and finished so far, was the beginning of Nova Dancer.