My Writing Story (2017)


His Robot Wife: A Great Deal of Patience

I continued to receive letters from readers who wanted to see more of Patience and Mike from the robot girlfriend/wife series.  I wanted to give the readers what they wanted, but I had been less than satisfied with the previous books in the series.  I decided to approach the story the way that I had with The Sorceress and the Dragon.  I would expand the focus to more characters, and I would jump between them.  I just needed a plot, and the backdrop of a world war came to mind.  I plotted out a three book series, and started writing.  I was very happy with the first book in the series.

The Dragon’s Choice (The Sorceress and the Dragon Book 9)


I was really happy with some of the events from A Plague of Wizards, particularly the relationship between Augustus and Zoey, so I decided to write a book to expand on this.  This also gave me the opportunity to tell the story of Terra and Clitus.  Books eight, nine, and ten are my favorites of this series.