Free Distribution

The other day I posted my total book sales.  Moe the Cat, friend of this blog, wondered how many free books had been distributed, so I thought I would look that up and post it.  Here we go:

His Robot Girlfriend                                              377,035 downloads
Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Elven Princess            93,959 downloads
Eaglethorpe Buston and the Sorceress                     78,799 downloads

There have been a handful of paperbacks sold of each of these books, and there have been a few giveaways of other books, but that is pretty much it.  Sometimes I really wish I had 30 cents for each copy of His Robot Girlfriend, but I know it wouldn’t have been downloaded so many times if I charged for it, and it has done its job of bringing me new readers.  I have plans for a couple of other free books, one of which should be available this year.


His Robot Girlfriend Tops 150,000 Downloads

There has been a huge increase in downloads of His Robot Girlfriend in the past month– although it has been downloaded at more than 5,000 times per month for some time.  Although available at Manybooks, Smashwords, and Feedbooks, it seems that readers are discovering it now at Kobo, Diesel, iBooks, and B&N.

I’ll be honest.  I was happy enough with it when it was first done, but now I think I’ve improved quite a bit in my story telling and writing and I’m a little embarrassed that it’s not better than it is.  Oh well, many people seem to like it– there are more 5 star reviews than 1 star reviews.

His Robot Girlfriend tops 6,000 Downloads in one month!

I was pretty excited when His Robot Girlfriend was downloaded 6,000 times.  Now it’s been downloaded more than 6,400 times in the last month.  I’m pretty chuffed.  I’ve even sold a few paperbacks this week.  While I make no money on either the paperback or the ebook, I hope it’s doing what I intended it to do– give me a little bit of exposure and advertising.  It seems to be.  If you’re one of my readers, thanks.

His Robot Girlfriend – Still a hot download.

Exactly three months ago, I reported that His Robot Girlfriend had been downloaded 1, 234 times. I was very excited. It is still available on the same two sites, Feedbooks and Smashwords, and it is now on as well. It still seems to be popular. As of today it has been downloaded….


7,543 times.