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Eaglethorpe Buxton and… Something about Frost Giants (Updated)

Greetings.  Allow me to introduce myself.  I am Eaglethorpe Buxton, famed adventurer, story-teller, and adventurer.  I have traveled the world far and wide having adventures and I have traveled the world far and wide to tell of my adventures, and then I have traveled the world far and wide having still more adventures.  Sadly, my most recent adventure “Eaglethorpe Buxton and the Family who Ought Not to be Seperated but Somehow Was,” marketed in book form as “Eaglethorpe Buxton and… Something About Frost Giants,” was riddled with a single mistake.  How can it be riddled with a single mistake, you ask?  Easily enough.  The name of the city of Illustria was repeatedly, which is to say throughout the book, cited as the city of Celestria.  Fortunately, I have put the book to right and I have put the book to write, and I have sliced the ear off of the typesetter, which will teach him to turn his head when I walk into the room.

Eaglethorpe Buxton and… Something about Frost Giants is available wherever fine ebooks are found and is free!  Wait.  Free?

My Writing Story (2022)


The 2021-22 school year was horrible for me.  I got switched without my consent to a new classroom, a new grade, and a new subject.  I had very little time for writing.  By summer 2022, I had only some outlines and a few bits.  What I did have though, was a lot of pent-up creative energy.  I did most of the writing in this year during those two months.

His Robot Wife: Extreme Patience

I felt a great deal of pressure to complete Extreme Patience.  I was getting a letter almost every day from fans of the series.  I had my outline written back in 2017, but I had changed a lot of things in the previous book that had originally been planned to exend into this one.  Consequently, there was less plot left for this book.  I pushed through and finished a smaller book than originally intended.  Sometime in the future, I plan to combine the three books together and do a second edition.

The Destroyer Returns

I had been approached a number of times to write serialized fiction for distribution groups in Asia.  I had always been wary about it because of their payment system and terms.  Then Amazon created Kindle Vella, that worked very much the same way.  I came up with two stories, one of which was The Destroyer Returns and started writing and posting them in mini-chapters (about 1000 words).  Because of the way payments were structured, I earned about $50, even though nobody had read my stories.  Nobody.  For a writer, or at least for this one, a reader is more important than a sale, so I decided to put the story into book form instead.

The setting for The Destroyer Returns is very loosely based on the game of Minecraft.  My daughter introduced the game to me and it has since replaced all the other games that I played.  I toyed with the idea of writing a Minecraft book, but in the end, I decided to try to recreate the feel but with my own creations.  In addition, I took some inspiration from Robert E. Howard’s Conan the Barbarian, particularly as he was portrayed in the old Marvel black and white magazine.

Astrid Maxxim and the Great Water Project

The Astrid Maxxim series was becoming more popular and it was time to write the next one.  I had actually finished this one before both The Destroyer Returns and Extreme Patience, but I set it aside.  It was way too dark for an Astrid Maxxim story.  After I had finished the other two, I returned to it and rewrote quite a bit, especially the middle.  I’m happy with it overall, but plan to return to more of the formula of the first two books in the future.

My Writing Story (2020-2021)


The pressure didn’t let up at work, but I was better at dealing with it.  I channeled some of my frustrations into writing and it helped.  Then Covid hit.  The end of the 2019-2020 school year was rough, but 2020-21 school year was a real mess.  Once we got organized though, everything started to smooth out and life got a bit easier.

His Robot Wife: Patience Under Fire

Patience Under Fire followed the outline that I had written for A Great Deal of Patience.  I didn’t change much, but I resolved a few plotlines rather than carrying them to book three.  This made it a bit more challenging to write the third book.  Still, I think this is my favorite book with these characters so far.

For King and Country (The Sorceress and the Dragon Book 10)

The time had come for me to finish the story based on the long outline that was originally written to be the end of The Two Dragons.  I had been focusing on four characters in each volume, but I wanted to give all the characters their proper farewells.  Consequently, this book became the longest one that I have ever written, but I think I got everything in it that I wanted.

Astrid Maxxim and her High-Rise Air Purifier

I had planned out about fifty Astrid Maxxim books by this time, and I decided to get the next one done.  I had a pretty good idea of the plot, but I think I got bogged down this time with the invention, something that I try to keep fairly loose.  In the end, I got a few criticisms for not featuring the High-Rise Air Purifier more.

Eaglethorpe Buxton and… Something about Frost Giants

I had been planning to write more Eaglethorpe Buxton for a while.  In fact, I had been working on something I was going to call Eaglethorpe Buxton’s Garden of Verse.  Then I watched, The Parent Trap, and I thought that this was the type of plot that EB would be involved in.  Not only that but having a couple of kids seemed the natural progression in his story line.  So, instead of stealing from Shakespeare, as is the usual case, this time Eaglethorpe satirizes Disney.

My Writing Story (2018-2019)


These years were very stressful for me at work as more and more pressure was put on teachers to meet testing goals (which teachers have little control over).  Consequently, I had little time to write and when I did write, I had a hard time with it.  The result was that in these two years, I produced only one small book each year.

Astrid Maxxim and the Mystery of Dolphin Island

It was time for another Astrid book and an underwater adventure one at that.  Much of the plot for the story came from events right out of the news regarding scientists attempting to communicate with dolphins.  There were some complaints about how dark the ending turned out, but I felt like I needed a dark ending, considering all that’s happening to our oceans.

Nova Dancer

I had been working on Nova Dancer off and on for a while, and the setting was one that had been in my head since high school.  I finally pushed through and finished the story.  I thought it turned out alright, but I have a lot of other stories that can be set in the same universe.

My Writing Story (2017)


His Robot Wife: A Great Deal of Patience

I continued to receive letters from readers who wanted to see more of Patience and Mike from the robot girlfriend/wife series.  I wanted to give the readers what they wanted, but I had been less than satisfied with the previous books in the series.  I decided to approach the story the way that I had with The Sorceress and the Dragon.  I would expand the focus to more characters, and I would jump between them.  I just needed a plot, and the backdrop of a world war came to mind.  I plotted out a three book series, and started writing.  I was very happy with the first book in the series.

The Dragon’s Choice (The Sorceress and the Dragon Book 9)


I was really happy with some of the events from A Plague of Wizards, particularly the relationship between Augustus and Zoey, so I decided to write a book to expand on this.  This also gave me the opportunity to tell the story of Terra and Clitus.  Books eight, nine, and ten are my favorites of this series.

My Writing Story (2016)


Astrid Maxxim and the Electric Racecar Challenge

I actually had almost a third of Astrid Maxxim and the Electric Racecar Challenge waiting for me to finish.  I had recently read an article on amnesia in real life, so I decided to use what I learned to begin the story.  It tested my characters, and I liked the challenge.  I shot through it really quickly, as I usually do with Astrid books.  I think that if I spent all my time writing nothing else, I could do six or seven of them a year.  But again, after finishing this book, I fiddled around with a variety of pieces before I came up with my next solid idea.

A Plague of Wizards  

Like the previous books, much of this novel followed along with the history that I had laid out in the unused epilog for The Two Dragons.  However, the main plot line popped into my head probably because of the amnesia storyline with Astrid in the previous book.  I had established this world where Senta, the mighty sorceress was magical overlord of the newly established Birmisia Colony, and her presence kept away many dangerous and evil wizards.  So, what would happen if she disappeared, and not for just a little while either, but for years?  And what could cause her to be gone?  I had established that there were many who wanted to see her out of the way, and that there were some who wanted to rid the world of magic.  What if those people got together to get rid of her?  Finally, what would her absence do to those closest to her.  I think I had the most fun with this book.  It was a “what if I put my well-known characters into a completely wild situation and see what happens” kind of thing.  I’m happy with the result.

Kanana: The Jungle Girl

After focusing so long on The Sorceress and the Dragon and Astrid Maxxim, I was eager to find something new to inspire me.  I returned to my fondness for Edgar Rice Burroughs books as a kid, with a story whose outline I had written back while working on His Robot Girlfriend: Charity.  It too featured a plotline with a cheating romantic partner.  With Princess of Amathar, I had heavily leaned on John Carter for inspiration, and this time, I did the same with Tarzan, especially the Opar stories.  I created my own jungle hero, in this case a heroine.  My hero was a former Rough Rider, giving me the opportunity to use one of my personal heroes, Theodore Roosevelt, as a character.  The first royalties of the book were donated to a fund to restore his burial place.  One unusual aspect of the story was that the Earth became a ringworld.  I had recently read a book by Harry Turtledove, who had substituted a new world where Venus was, so that his story would work.  I was inspired to do the same with Earth.

My Writing Story (2015)


His Robot Wife: Charity

I have noticed (and others have as well) that I tend to write about similar things in different stories.  I wrote two stories set in Antarctica, relatively close together.  I had very similar conversations in The Drache Girl and Tesla’s Stepdaughters—different topics, but a similar format.  I was working on an as yet unpublished story involving a cheating spouse.  This was still on my mind when I came up with a plot for a new robot book.  For the first time a robot story came to me in a sort of natural way, like other stories.  For that reason, I think it’s the best of the four robot books.

Because of the plot, I needed entirely new characters for this story.  I tied it in with the other books by placing it in the same setting and then I had some of the characters from the earlier books—Mike and Ryan—appear in this one as well.  Ryan has gone from being a car salesman to a realtor.  Happily, I was able to take some of the threads from this book and weave them into the next His Robot Wife book.

The Price of Magic

 The Price of Magic was plotted at the same time as The Sorceress and her Lovers, and in many ways, it is just a continuation of that story.  I eventually got around to writing it.  I knew that I was eventually going to write more in the series, but I thought that this one had a very natural ending to it.  As it typical of me, after I finished The Price of Magic, I wrote many bits and pieces looking for my next project.  The only one of those that I went back and finished so far, was the beginning of Nova Dancer.

My Writing Story (2014)


The Sorceress and her Lovers

It had been two years since the publication of the last book in the Senta and the Steel Dragon series but had actually been seven years since I wrote the previous volume.  The plot for this new book had been setup in the original epilog of The Two Dragons, which I had cut from that book.  I added a bit of conflict.  The only completely new part of the story was the part dealing with the Lizzie King Hsrandtuss.  I had introduced him in The Young Sorceress, but hadn’t planned anything else for him.  When I had written the outline for The Sorceress and her Lovers, I wrote the outline for the next book as well.  I thought the title fit the love triangle (one of several), but my wife really hated it.

I really liked returning to the world of the Steel Dragon, however, things had changed so much and characters have grown up, so that it had a bit of an unreal quality to it for me. It’s not my favorite book in the series, but I like it.

Desperate Poems

I had written a thousand poems when I was in my teens.  Over the years, I had sporadically written more poetry.  I decided the time was right to publish them in ebook form.  Of course, I wouldn’t expect anyone to pay for my poetry, so it would be a free offering.  I had already collected a pretty good cross section of my poems, so I just formatted it all together, and sent it out into cyberspace.  I tried out about a thousand titles for the volume, before I finally settled on Desperate Poems.  I have since pulled it from distribution.

Astrid Maxxim and the Antarctic Expedition

When I wrote Astrid Maxxim and her Undersea Dome, I had simply continued on at the end until I ran out of steam. When I stopped, I had the first four or five chapters of a third Astrid Maxxim book. The book would take Astrid to Antarctica. Then I went off and wrote Patience is a Virtue, taking the characters there to the Antarctic too.

When I finally got back to Astrid, I decided that I would include global warming as part of the plot.  I already had an element from the first book that would tie into the South Pole.  I needed some danger in the story, so I read up on some real-life events concerning Antarctic wildlife and fictionalized them.  I had written a much looser outline than usual, and when I was halfway through the book, I suddenly realized that my chapters were too long.  I wanted some uniformity with the other books of the series.  So, I went back and split chapters up, but I still ended up slightly off.

Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space Plane

I was really into the Astrid Maxxim mode when I finished writing Antarctic Expedition.  In fact, I feel like I didn’t really hit my stride in that book until I was finishing it up.  I immediately started on the next book.  This is really the one in which the main character starts to grow up.  She was already one part Tom Swift and one part Walt Disney.  Now she started becoming a little bit Steve Jobs.  She was becoming a genius with a bit of an edge.

Once again, I hired Matthew Riggenback at Shaed Studios to do the covers and I had him design them for books three, four, and five.  Just as I had before, I continued writing past the end of Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space Plane, creating the first few chapters of the next book before setting it down to do something else.  This was the beginning of Astrid Maxxim and the Electric Racecar Challenge. In the meantime, I think that Astrid Maxxim and her Hypersonic Space Plane is the best in the series so far.